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Jerry is the best mechanic I have ever dealt with. However, if you don't have a Saab, you're out of luck. He works by himself in an unmarked two bay garage, and only advertises by word of mouth (and occasional cards under Saab windshield wipers). He replaced my transmission for $1600 parts and labor, that Aamco was going to charge over $2000 for labor alone. Unfortunately, he's also in high demand so getting an immediate spot may be difficult.

Jerry is a great mechanic. He kind of a suffering artist type and you have to put up with his moods, but he does great work at great prices and underneath the arrogant attitude is a very nice guy. Not only does he fix the things you ask him to fix, but he does little things that he sees, like a worn out bushing or burnt out bulb, and doesn't tell you about it or charge you for it! He's very willing, because he has more work than he can handle, to tell you over the phone or in person how to fix something yourself. He knows Saabs inside and out - every little defect or wierd trait or bizarre recurring electrical short. He's all over it. He can listen to a rough idling engine, ask two questions and tell you exactly where the vacumn leak is or which sensor is shot. I shouldn't be saying all this because it's hard enough now to get an appointment and he works 9 hours a day, six days a week. The truly bizarre part of all of this is that he says he works on Saabs so he can afford to work on Porsches. Go figure.

I spent a couple of years driving an '89 Saab 9000 hatchback, which Jerry serviced several times. Everything from minor electrical stuff to an entire wheel assembly. Previous posts here are accurate in describing his surly demeanor and sometimes difficult schedule, but this guy knows Saabs better than most anyone in town, and certainly a lot better than you. His prices are incredibly fair, and if you can cut through his abrasive veneer, he seems very willing to talk to you in-depth about your options and minor work that you might prefer to tackle yourself. He is opinionated, that's for sure, and he will definitely scold you if you're not treating your car right, but I know I got more life out of my car for it. Jerry is chiefly responsible for my inclination never to go to a dealership again.

2601 Pleasant Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55408 Tel # 612.871.9476